As a designer, my specific brand of minimalism is more about maximizing efficiency than going against some sort of consumer culture. I believe that striving for efficiency inherently gets rid of all the extra in life, but approaching it with the mindset of improving workflow instead of ‘sticking it to the man’ is more my style. This brings me to the creation of my startup page.

"But Jeff there's already a bookmark function in every browser, isn't that the same thing?"

Yes and no.

I believe that baked in browser bookmark lists will always be flawed because they introduce UX problems. You either keep your bookmarks in an incredibly crowded toolbar, a ‘recent’ startup page designed to look cool instead of work efficiently (looking at you Apple), or use an extension like (which I personally love, but serves as a catch-all more than something I want to see every time I open a new tab).

So, the solution: create your own Startup page. If you’re using Safari, you can set a webpage as your homepage and default new tab. However, if you’re using Chrome, you’ll need to install the New Tab Direct extension in order for your new tabs to be set to your new Startup page.

Now, go forth and be efficient, my friend. Welcome to the 1-click posse.