I’m Jeff—a designer from New York City enhancing physical & digital brand experiences.

Currently Senior Designer &
Competitive Cold Brew Drinker at @

Selected work

Manhattan Portage


Helping the Manhattan Portage team redesign their website and streamline the way they represent all their brands in one place.

Raw Poets


Building a design system for the RAW Poets, visualizing the juxtaposition of grit and vulnerability in their poetry.



Designing a permanent Community Geofilter for Snapchat, bringing cultural relevance to the imagery that represents the real people who live in the neighborhood day by day.

Bronx Community College


Developing brands and campaigns for Bronx Community College that have resulted in increased student success and engagement.

JP Brammer


Creating a home base for writer John Paul Brammer that focuses on content while adding visual flair to represent his big personality.

Solo Media Group


Refreshing Solo Media Group's branding and visual system to present the data driven work they do for their clients.

STEM Through a Designer's Eyes


Drawing parallels between STEM education and design principles.

Your Screen Is Not Dead


Branding an audio podcast that's all about the visuals.



Visually representing the depth of the cosmos through activating the viewer's physical space.



Exploring illustrative letterforms through design challenges.

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