Manhattan Portage

Helping the Manhattan Portage team redesign their website and streamline the way they represent all their brands in one place.

Product Design, Information Architecture, UX, E-Commerce

The Challenge

Using data to find the problem

Manhattan Portage needed a scalable solution that fit their global brands’ needs. Our research and analytics revealed issues in the customer journey, and a high percentage bounce rate from visitors before checking out.

Along with Solo Media Group's team of developers, I redesigned the entire website in order to create a better customer journey and migrate from their old platform to Magento 2– centered around being mobile-friendly and increasing conversion rates.

Guiding Users

A new navigation, clean & direct

We turned Manhattan Portage's separate brand websites into one unified brand house model. The pages of the separate brands still have their unique touches to reflect the higher price points, while maintaining a cohesive thought under one roof.

The most important thing to tackle in order to create a pleasant customer journey was the site navigation. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to discover products for users with intention, while having a showcase of Best Sellers and New Arrivals for users who don't know exactly what they want upon landing.

No Refresh, No Problem

Keeping users engaged by not breaking the flow.

By taking user flows that originally had their own pages and breaking them out to modals that didn't require a refresh, we kept the user focus on the product pages, rather than information pages.

On-the-Go Products, On-the-Go Website

Ensuring a mobile friendly shopping experience.

We made sure that the website worked responsively on all devices, keeping the customer journey simple and convenient.


Load Time

Under 3s

Bounce Rate

Down 20%

Conversion Rate

Up 75%

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