STEM Through a Designer's Eyes

Drawing parallels between STEM education and design principles.

Product Design, Information Architecture, UX, E-Commerce

The Challenge

Branding self expression.

The primary reason for where I am in life today, was the amount of exposure I received to art in education. In my family, there was always the notion that creative fields were not stable enough to sustain life and thus, looked down on as a career choice. Half of this is due to the traditional measurements of success that first generation immigrants face, and the other half is the general lack of integration of arts in education. Upon going into the 5th grade, I was accepted into a school for gifted students in math and sciences. Going from a public school to this new environment exposed me to the luxuries that are seldom afforded to children in low income neighborhoods such as the one that I was from.

In a classroom where doodling was encouraged and enrichment courses such as chess were mandatory, I was being exposed to a completely new way of thinking. Problem-solving became easier, and I found that abstract writing like the poetry I read in english class were easier to digest. Upon getting older and being exposed to people from all walks of life, I came to the realization that these differences had a huge impact upon the growth of my creative outlook. I wanted this for everybody in my neighborhood.

“STEM Through A Designer’s Eyes,” is a book that visualizes lessons in STEM subjects and draws parallels between the world of Design and Elementary Education. With each subject, I explore a facet of design in order to teach students about Art & Design, and offer a way to visualize STEM subject principles for better understanding.

Excerpt spreads from the book below

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