Your Screen Is Not Dead

Branding an audio podcast that's all about the visuals.

Product Design, Information Architecture, UX, E-Commerce

The Challenge

Branding an audio show about visuals

Your Screen Is Not Dead was a weekly podcast all about film. Every week the hosts announced a film to watch, then they talked about it. To further the concept of VHS and film, animations on the website create chromatic aberration & glitch effects on text, a VHS loading screen, and tracking lines along the bottom of the screen, all through css animation for speedy load times.

Unique Features

Using rollover states as functionality

In order to help the hosts feature their episodes on social media posts every week, I created a rollover state with visual flair that could serve as a tool to generate episode promotion. The hosts just need to screenshot the rollover state and post!


Expanding the brand

For the launch, we created a set of buttons and a thank you card. We put a button on each card, and once it was taken off the card, it revealed the QR code for the podcast's website.

The launch event was a success, and attendees went away with something tangible to remind them to listen in.

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